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Clara Turetta

Research Scientist, M.Sc. Geology

Tel.: +39 041 234 89 47

Fax.: +39 041 234 86 28

Institute for the Dynamics of Environmental Processes
National Research Council of Italy

Calle Larga S. Marta, Dorsoduro 2137
I-30123 Venice, Italy

Clara is a research scientist at the Institute for the Dynamics of Environmental Processes – Italian National Research Council (IDPA-CNR).

She took part in the 16th and 21st Italian Antarctic Expeditions on board of RV Italica from January 3 to March 1, 2001 and from December 28 2005 to February 28, 2006 (Principal Investigator).

In the framework of the EARLYhumanIMPACT project, Clara studies the distribution of rare earth elements (REEs) in ice and lake sediments.


Research Interests

- Global climate change and environmental geochemistry

- Trace elements in snow and ice, seawater, particulate, and sediments by means of ICP-mass spectrometry

- Geochemical characterization of oceanic water masses, element sources identification and ocean circulation

- Stable isotopes in water

- REEs as geochemical tracer in natural systems

- REEs in snow and ice for paleoclimatic reconstruction

- Lead isotope ratios in sediment to characterize possible source areas

- Uranium isotope ratios in soil and sediments to detect contamination.

Publications (2011 > present)

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