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  Locations  SUMMIT, Greenland

SUMMIT, Greenland

We analyzed levoglucosan in samples collected from a 3 m snow pit at Summit, Greenland  (72°20’N, 38° 45’W; 3270 masl). We traced biomass burning aerosols from their Canadian forest fire source, through their transport and deposition on the Greenland ice sheet, and their eventual burial by accumulating snow layers. We compared the levoglucosan results with markers such as oxalate, ammonium and potassium, which are sometimes used as markers of past biomass burning in snow and ice studies. We demonstrate that levoglucosan is a source-specific marker of past fire activity in snow and ice samples. 

More information on the Summit study is available here: 


(Kehrwald et al., Tellus B, 2012)

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