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  Locations  Laguna Potrok Aike - Patagonia

Laguna Potrok Aike - Patagonia

Southern South America is the only continental landmass between 38°S and Antarctica and this location therefore presents unique paleoclimate data. The fact that Patagonia is surrounded by the climatically significant Southern Ocean suggests that it may also be important in supplying inter-hemispheric linkages. Two sediment cores (PTA03/12; 1988 cm and PTA03/13; 1003 cm) were recovered in 2003 as part of the Laguna Potrok Aike (51°58’S; 70°23’W) Scientific Drilling Project (PASADO ICDP Expedition 5022). These cores already have an established radiocarbon timescale, and geochemical data including total organic carbon (TOC), total nitrogen (TN), total inorganic carbon (TIC), water content, magnetic susceptibility, titanium, calcium, and a gastropod index1. Laguna Potrok Aike borders Tierra del Fuego or the “land of fire” which encompasses both observational and paleoclimate records detailing the use of fire as a hunting rather than an agricultural technique1. Human fire ignition may have been focused on the most fire-prone areas1, and the Laguna Potrok Aike record can help determine if it is possible to separate human impact from the influence of climate at this site. Our research group currently archives samples of the Laguna Potrok Aike core and we will commit these samples to pyrochemical analyses.

32. Haberzettl et al. (2007) The Holocene 17 (3) 297-310

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